How I Transformed My Ho-Hum Coaching and Consulting Practice Into a 7-Figure Empire

"How did you go from start to seven figures?" - it's a question I get asked a lot. People want to know what I did I go from looking for my first one-on-one client to selling millions of dollars worth of coaching and consulting services and information products. And there are a lot of great lessons in my story. So to answer this question I decided to write this series of quick tutorials, … [Read more...]

3 Foundations to Accelerate Your Sales, Profit and Impact

Discover THREE FOUNDATIONS for accelerating sales, profits and impact – without becoming overwhelmed… If marketing know-how was enough to make your business a smashing success, everyone would be making squillions of dollars after taking a few marketing courses. But that’s not the case, it is? Clearly learning marketing strategies isn’t enough. To reach your potential and turn your business … [Read more...]

7-Figure Business Secrets

Today's message is vital to your business success. Reading this will be one of the best investments of 10 minutes of your time you'll make this year. Because whether you're just aiming at the 100K a year level, or - like most clients I work with - breezing through the mid to high six figures and gunning for the million dollar a year mark... Chances are you are doing it the wrong … [Read more...]

3 Reasons WHY Your Business isn’t Growing… and How to Fix It!

First, a quick warning. Once I share with you these three culprits they may appear obvious and non-threatening. But that's exactly the reason why they are so deadly! Give each one proper consideration. Ask yourself how it might be impacting you and your business. Here we go... 1) Not having the RIGHT KNOW-HOW. I find it insulting when people say stupid stuff like "I'm smart - I should … [Read more...]

How to Win More Profits by Giving Less Value

I used to hate Southwest airlines. How could I not?! They took away all the things that did flying semi-digestible and did everything that pissed me off. I like specific seats. Fly mostly first class. And don't like waiting in lines. So this whole idea of lining up like a bunch of sheep heading for slaughter, not having an assigned seat, and not even having first class seating - utter … [Read more...]

7 Places to Find Your Next Perfect Client

Are you looking for your next potential client? Ready to have sales conversations but need someone on the other end of the phone? I saw this topic come up a few times in our Business Growth Navigator program members' networking group so here are a few ideas to get you thinking!  Need clients fast? Sit down and brainstorm people to reach out to, starting with this list... 1. Past clients you can … [Read more...]

How to Create Breakthroughs in Life and Business

Most people, when they feel stuck, just work harder. But that's almost never the right approach. The more "savvy" folks would rush with advice to "work smarter", but that's usually not the right move neither. Let me illustrate this. Let's say you want to dig a hole. Working harder would be just putting your back into it and shoveling harder and longer than you did before. Working smarter … [Read more...]

Why Working ON Your Business Isn’t Working For You…

"You’ve got to work ON - not IN - your business." No doubt you’ve heard this popular suggestion before, right? However, it turns out Michael Gerber was only partially right when dishing out this advice in E-Myth. Let me explain. A client of mine decided to start selling high-end programs because it seemed like a great strategy to grow her coaching business. She developed a well … [Read more...]

A Brilliant “Trick” Your Competitors Use To Get Ahead Of You

How I stopped overwhelm and finally grew my business faster... This is a continuation of a story how I turned my ho-hum solo practice into a 7-figure business. If you missed the previous lesson start here. If you think you are bad at delegation - I used to be the king of "do it yourself" - but no more! When I was in the restaurant business at one point I had 103 employees. Yet when I … [Read more...]

The Secret To Getting Ahead In Business

How a $0.50 "Ground Lift Plug" Made Me a Six Figure Income This is a continuation of a story how I turned my ho-hum solo practice into a 7-figure business. If you missed the previous lesson start here. Story #1 In the early 2000's I started hosting marketing training seminars. As most startups, I was bootstrapping - saving cash everywhere I could. One place I saw an opportunity to clip a … [Read more...]

HELP! Things Aren’t Working in My Biz – What Do I Change First?

I hear this question / cry for help quite often. And not just for start-ups. Sometimes when you keep your head low and are too crazy busy growing your business to pay attention to changes in the market you run into a wall... And all of a sudden things aren't working like they used to. What do you do? What do you change? Here are five suggestions. 1. Assess. Get completely honest … [Read more...]