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3 Simple Shifts That Will Accelerate Your Business To Six Figures A Month

3 Simple Shifts That Will Accelerate Your Business To Six Figures A Month

If you’re working as hard as you can, but your business still isn’t growing as fast as you’d like, obviously something must change.

Consider this: We all have the same 24 hours a day yet some people accomplish significantly more in that time that others.

Michelangelo, Steve Job and Henry Ford had the same time constraints you and I have – yet they accomplished so much more than a “mere mortal”!

Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are doing it today – using the same 24 hours a day you and I have, yet achieving so much more!


They follow something I call a 1% Framework.


In a nutshell, the 1% Framework is the ability to see the world differently, think differently and take different action because of it.

That’s how the top 1%-ers accomplish so much more in less time.

The good news is that we can all learn and follow the 1% Framework. In fact, this “formula” is in plain view, available to all of us.

The bad new is that most people are conditioned to be completely blind to it. They are doomed to years of struggle and mediocrity.

Each part of this framework is a powerful multiplier.  When understood and applied correctly it immediately accelerates and multiplies the results you get from the same, or even less effort.

Check this out…

When I started my coaching business in 2000 it wasn’t an instant success. In fact, my first year in business sucked! I wasn’t making enough to even cover my expenses and got massively in debt.

Then I started learning from people who understood and were correctly using the 1% Framework.


The first shift took me from zero to consistently making $10,000 a month.


In other words – I was actually finally in business vs. just having an expensive hobby!

And the results were immediate. As in zero money coming in one month and $10K (and more) coming in the next month, and the one after that, and so on!

That shift was “selling what people buy”…

Now, you might think that it’s about doing something you don’t like or want to do, just so you can make money.


It’s about turning what you’re uniquely good at and very passionate about into a “pill” that eases a specific, significant pain that diminishes the quality of life for some people.

(You might want to re-read this.) ;)

And that was only a beginning…


The second shift took me from $10K to $25K a month and growing.


That second shift was to stop selling time and start selling results.

Now, this sounds so easy. But the truth is that only the top 5% of all people really get it! And even fewer know how to actually use this correctly in their business.

Coincidentally, these are the top 1% income earners in the world.

Did you know that earning just $160K a year puts you in the top 5%? And bringing in just $380K a year catapults you to the exclusive club of 1%-ers! Just $380K a year!

Yet people will never make more than about one tenth of it.

That’s right – most folks never make more than $40K a year. Because they are blind to the 1% Framework they are stuck!

That second shift allowed me to shift my income from making $250 per hour to $2,500 hour… And as much as $25,000 per hour!

Because I correctly understood that amount of money I make is not directly related to how much time I put in to earn it!

(Yeah, re-read that last sentence, too.) ;)


The third shift multiplied my results to making six figures a month…


This third shift is knowing how to consistently attract all the new clients you want. 

And it worked just as fast as the previous two shifts. It was right in front of me the entire time, I just didn’t see it and didn’t know how to use it.

I want to share with you this last shift and how to correctly apply it to your business. (And much more!)

That’s why I’m hosting a new free webinar.

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Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why your business isn’t growing fast enough (no matter how hard you work) and the three things that hold you back…
  • The “1% FRAMEWORK” – how the smartest coaches, consultants, speakers and experts quickly build 6 and 7 figure businesses. (I’ll show you 3RD SHIFT.)
  • The PROFIT MULTIPLIER FORMULA – the 3 building blocks for accelerating your sales to five and six figures a month…
  • How to drive an unlimited flow of new high-end clients with low cost social media ads – even if you think you can’t afford to pay for advertising…
  • PLUS… How to determine where your business is stuck and EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED to do next to grow your business to six figures a month now…
  • AND… I’ll show you six profit multipliers. Three of them cost nothing to implement……and you can use them immediately to get five to ten times the results from the same effort you’re putting in right now.

One of my clients went from selling her program for $29 to selling it for $5,000 using just one of these multipliers. How would this kind of change impact your business?

You can register now at http://themarketingmentors.com/webinar

Now you have a choice…

You can do what most people do. File what you just read in the “good ideas folder” in your head and continue doing what you’ve done up to this point.  Hoping that somehow things will change and wondering how others – with seemingly less smarts and talent – can get ahead so much faster with so little effort.


You can join us. Join the top 1%-ers. Learn the FRAMEWORK we use and apply it to accelerate your success.

Adam Urbanski

I'm Adam Urbanski, founder and CEO of The Marketing Mentors. Thousands of entrepreneurs world-wide call me the Millionaire Marketing Mentor and I'm the go-to guy experts turn to when they want to attract more clients and grow their businesses fast. Since 2000 I've helped thousands of people start and grow successful businesses. Many of my clients and students from dozens of countries on every continent now enjoy multiple six, even seven figure incomes. On this blog I share effective marketing strategies that are easy to understand and simple to deploy. You can connect with me beyond this blog on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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