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How To Install An “Insane Growth Mode” Button In Your Business To Rapidly Rev Up Your Sales And Profits


You’ve most likely heard of Tesla – the high-end electric cars – right? But have you ever heard about the “insane mode” button featured in their $120,000 model?

Check out this short clip showing people’s reaction after experiencing the “insane mode”acceleration. (After you watch it, I’ll tell you how it applies to your business.)



What’s This All About?


The latest, souped up, $120,000 model of Tesla electric car comes with a “insane mode” button which makes the car go from zero to 60 mph in three seconds! Sweet, right? (Although, a little insane, too!) ;)


What Does This Have To Do With Your Business?


The real question is “do you want to grow your business fast or slow?”

Imagine what would happen if you suddenly found a way to rapidly grow your sales and profits? How would doubling your current business in 90 days impact you?

I know it doesn’t sound realistic. And if you’re currently a $50 million company it probably isn’t. But if you’re bringing someone between $100,000 and a $1,000,000 you can easily double your business fast.

One way would be just to learn how to sell more effectively.


Here’s An Example Of How Learning To Sell Better Could Double Your Sales.


Let’s say that you attract 10 leads and one of them becomes a client for something you sell for $5,000. You make $5,000. But if you can learn how to turn two of those leads into clients, the same effort – the same 10 leads – now turn into two sales, making you $10,000. You just doubled your sales.


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And that’s just one “lever” – sales. Now what if you could figure out how to increase the value of the offer. What if in the above example we also changed the value of each client? Let’s say to $7,500. And what if you could improve your lead generation and get 15 leads instead of 10?

The combined result would be 450% growth! (3 new sales at $7,500 = $22,00. That’s 4.5 time more than the original $5,000.)

Now that’s like having an INSANE GROWTH MODE button installed in your business!


What Should You Do Next?


So, are you ready to GROW FAST? Truth is, most people aren’t. They don’t have enough faith in what they do and the courage required to stand up for their business.

But if are you willing to do what it takes you can quickly join the ranks of the top 1% of entrepreneurs in your industry? (You know – the folks who get the best clients, make a big impact, build a celebrity expert brand, rake in mid six figures a year in personal income… and have lots of fun along the way.)

If YES – we should talk. Click here to start a conversation

I’ll look for you on the other side.

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