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How to Make Good Decisions Fast… And How to Make Being Decisive Your Ultimate Success Trigger

Stuck In SquishyvillyIs being stuck in “Squishyville” keeping you frustrated, overwhelmed and broke?

As an entrepreneur you face hundreds of choices every day. But making the right decision is often difficult, so you put it off. Eventually you end up stuck – frustrated and overwhelmed!

This stops now.

Listen to this power-packed interview with Jim Palmer, author of a brand new book “Decide – The Ultimate Success Trigger” and discover what “Squishyville” is and how to get the heck out of there!

You’ll learn about the importance and business-building power that comes from your ability to DECIDE fast. We’ll show you how to quickly make great decisions – each and every time! And that’s only the beginning of what we cover!

Go ahead – give it a listen right now.

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Here’s just a sample what you’ll discover:

00:31  –  Two big reasons you will benefit from this interview
04:15  –  The importance of paying attention to “nudges”
08:35  –  How to “get yourself” to do what you “should be” doing
09:52  –  How to deal with the “3am holly crap” moments
10:59  –  Don’t get stuck in Squishyville (where opportunities go to die!)
12:20  –  Why “speed” matters and how to make it work for you not against you
14:02  –  Why a “bad” wrong decision made fast is better than no decision at all
17:49  –  How to get rid of your “head trash” (this is gold!)
20:15  –  The “only way” to “guarantee success” in anything you undertake
23:20  –  Three step formula for getting results (at anything) fast
27:30  –  How to correctly apply the advice to “be authentic”
32:35  –  A huge “being authentic” mistake that’s costing you business
33:55 – WHERE TO GET JIM’S BOOK FOR FREE (first 500 copies only)
37:10  –  Handling criticism
39:20  –  Whose opinions should you listen to (and which opinions you must ignore!)
42:15  –  Decide to be profitable (wow – powerful stuff!)
45:00  –  How to identify ideal clients for high-end offers
47:10  –  Dealing with an “imposter syndrome”
53:00  –  How to get my “Productivity Hacks” course for free ($197 value)
54:15  –  Mastering the art of delegation
58:45  –  How to get other people to “work for you” for $29/month
59:55  –  Why “risk and speed” will bring you more success
——— and more!

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